2016 Filing Fee for Probate

You have to file your Woodlands Probate application to start the administration case. This is done through the Montgomery County Clerk’s office. On top of the legal fees and publication fees you also have to provide for the Conroe Probate Court 2016 filing fee. The Conroe Probate fees vary with the type of case you […]

When The Executor Lives Out of State

Sometimes the Executor lives out of state from where we will probate the estate. I can still have the Conroe probate court appoint you Executor of a Montgomery County estate if you do not live in Montgomery County. I can even have the probate court appoint you Executor if you don’t live anywhere in Texas. If […]

Do You Always Use Texas Law?

One of the many tasks you have as Executor of a Woodlands Probate Estate is to collect all of the property that belongs to the Estate. Many times this can be a fairly straightforward process, but there are times where what the law requires you to do may be counter-intuitive. Do you always use Texas […]

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