Is the Will Valid?

Not every document that someone claims or even intends to be their Last Will and Testament will be accepted by the Conroe Probate Court as a valid Last Will and Testament. If the Will is not valid, then that can change how to file your probate case. The law has very specific requirements for a […]

Joint Accounts Can Be a Probate Asset

The Executor or Administrator of an estate in the Woodlands Probate Court is responsible for administering the probate estate of the deceased. Sometimes disputes arise concerning exactly what property is included or not included in the probate estate. One common source of confusion is joint accounts held at local banks or other financial institutions. The […]

Which County is an Estate Probated In?

The Texas Probate Code determines where to file your probate case. You may be prevented by law from filing the case in Montgomery County even if that is where you would want to file it. The rules are: If the deceased person resided in Montgomery County, then the estate will be administered in the Montgomery […]