How is Community Property Distributed for an Intestate Estate?

The beneficiaries of an Estate have certain rights to property in the Estate. If the deceased person was married, the Estate will likely involve distribution of the deceased’s separate property as well as distribution of community property. If the estate is intestate, the Texas Code distributes community property as follows: (a) On the intestate death of […]

Court Refuses to Admit Will as Muniment of Title

Muniment of Title is a popular alternative to the traditional full probate procedure for administering an estate in The Woodlands. However, in order for your Woodlands Probate Lawyer to take advantage of the Muniment of Title procedure the estate must meet certain requirements. One requirement is that the application for Muniment of Title is filed […]

Determining Claims Against the Estate

During the administration of an estate in the Montgomery County Probate Court the claims against the estate must be formally classified based on the rules in the Texas Probate Code. Your Woodlands Probate Attorney will help guide you through the process to fulfill your obligations to the Probate Court. The Classification of Claims requirement is […]