How to Receive Letters Testamentary

One of the first obstacles most families run into when administering the estate of a deceased loved one is a bank or other institution that requires “Letters Testamentary” in order to get control of and administer probate property. It may seem like an annoyance, but this documentation is used to prevent the wrong person from […]

How to Disqualify an Executor or Administrator

Previously we reviewed the list of people that can serve as the Executor or Administrator of a Woodlands Probate Estate. In addition to being on that list, you have to be qualified to serve as the person in charge. There are several conditions that can make a person who may seem to be the Executor […]

Who is the Executor or Administrator?

Property needs to be administered and distributed after a person passes away in The Woodlands. Many families keep this process private with a Woodlands Living Trust; however, if your family member did not take the proper steps to avoid the Montgomery County Probate Court watching over the administration of his or her estate then your […]

Cremation and Burial Decisions

Probate in The Woodlands is a process designed to resolve unanswered questions and issues. Usually these questions are in the form of how property is to be distributed or who is in charge of an estate, but sometimes problems can occur before long before property issues arise. Who has the right to make decisions concerning […]