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What Does Probate Administration Do?

Clear Title

When a person dies owning real estate probate is critical to clearing title to real estate. If you don't clear the real estate title, the title company can give you a lot of problems in future transactions.

Distribute Assets
The probate process is required to distribute the Estate of the person that passed away. A Power of Attorney ends at death so only an Executor has legal authority over an Estate.
Pay Claims

The law has very specific procedures for the payment of an estate's debts. If you pay the wrong amount or the wrong person you risk liability.

Do You Have To Probate An Estate?

  • You do not, if all assets were already properly positioned to avoid probate.
  • You may qualify for shortened probate procedures in specific cases.
  • If you have accounts, real estate, or other assets that you need to distribute or debts to settle, then probate is likely the only way.

The Executor's Job

  • You have to follow specific laws as Executor.
  • You need to handle everything on time and correctly.
  • You want to avoid extra court hearings.

Is Probate Expensive?

  • County fees and expenses are usually $500-$600.
  • Flat fees are available in uncontested probate matters.
  • Wasting time is expensive. It can lead to extra hearings and more court time that you could have avoided.

Does The Court Require You to Have a Probate Attorney?

  • Montgomery County Probate Courts require an Executor to have an attorney. Here is their policy.
  • The right probate attorney will complete your case in a timely way.
  • The wrong probate attorney will drag out your case, delaying distributions while increasing fees and expenses.

I Get You Through Probate
To Save Time & Money

  • I know how to get you through probate in Montgomery County fast.
  • I handle the creditors so you don't get sued.
  • In many cases, I can keep your attendance down to one court hearing.

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