2016 Filing Fee for Probate

You have to file your Woodlands Probate application to start the administration case. This is done through the Montgomery County Clerk’s office. On top of the legal fees and publication fees you also have to provide for the Conroe Probate Court 2016 filing fee.

The Conroe Probate fees vary with the type of case you are filing.

Almost Every Type of Probate

As of June, their 2016 filing fee for these types of cases is $354:

  1. Probate of Will;
  2. Probate of Foreign Will;
  3. Probate of Will as Muniment of Title;
  4. Temporary of Permanent Administration;
  5. Administration with Will Annexed;
  6. Community Administration;
  7. Small Estate Affidavit.

Intestate 2016 Filing Fee

If the person passed away without a Last Will and Testament they are intestate. When you are intestate you go through a Declaration of Heirship procedure so the court can make a ruling on who the legal heirs of the estate are. The 2016 filing fee for a Declaration of Heirship is a whopping $679. This is one of the reasons why you create a Will, it saves your beneficiaries time in court and a good deal of money.

The Conroe Clerk’s fees usually increase on September 1 of each year so if you want to save some money you still have a couple months.