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Joint Accounts Can Be a Probate Asset

The Executor or Administrator of an estate in the Woodlands Probate Court is responsible for administering the probate estate of the deceased. Sometimes disputes arise concerning exactly what property is included or not included in the probate estate. One common source of confusion is joint accounts held at local banks or other financial institutions. The […]

How is Community Property Distributed for an Intestate Estate?

The beneficiaries of an Estate have certain rights to property in the Estate. If the deceased person was married, the Estate will likely involve distribution of the deceased’s separate property as well as distribution of community property. If the estate is intestate, the Texas Code distributes community property as follows: (a) On the intestate death of […]

How to Disqualify an Executor or Administrator

Previously we reviewed the list of people that can serve as the Executor or Administrator of a Woodlands Probate Estate. In addition to being on that list, you have to be qualified to serve as the person in charge. There are several conditions that can make a person who may seem to be the Executor […]