Get Answers from an Independent Executor with an Accounting

Estates can take a long time to administer properly. It is not uncommon for a year or more to pass, sometimes due to complex issues and other times just due to neglect by the Independent Executor. Beneficiaries are often left in the dark during this period wondering: what is going on with the estate? What is taking so long? Is the Executor doing anything wrong?

There is help available. Your Woodlands Probate Attorney can help the beneficiaries of an estate pursue an administration accounting from the Independent Executor to answer some of these questions. Call (832) 592-7913 to get started today.

When Can Your Woodlands Probate Attorney Obtain an Accounting?

After the expiration of 15 months from the date that the order appointing an independent executor was entered by the court.

What Must Be Included in the Accounting?

The independent executor shall provide an exhibit in writing, sworn and subscribed by the independent executor, setting forth in detail:

1. The property belonging to the estate which has come into his hands as executor.

2. The disposition that has been made of such property.

3. The debts that have been paid.

4. The debts and expenses, if any, still owing by the estate.

5. The property of the estate, if any, still remaining in his hands.

6. Such other facts as may be necessary to a full and definite understanding of the exact condition of the estate.

7. Such facts, if any, that show why the administration should not be closed and the estate distributed.

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