When The Executor Lives Out of State

Sometimes the Executor lives out of state from where we will probate the estate. I can still have the Conroe probate court appoint you Executor of a Montgomery County estate if you do not live in Montgomery County. I can even have the probate court appoint you Executor if you don’t live anywhere in Texas. If you don’t live in Texas, there are some special considerations to keep in mind though. Let’s take a look.

Hearings = Hassle If The Executor Lives Out of State

One of the first things out of state Executors usually need to address is minimizing court hearings. You want to avoid extra hearings in Conroe because they consume your time and the estate’s money. Even if the estate can reimburse you for all of your out of pocket expenses, you still may end up missing time from work or facing other disruptions caused by additional court hearings.

Inexperience can increase the odds of making mistakes. Mistakes cause additional court hearings you will have to attend. These hearings allow the judge to get involved in your case and make sure you follow the law. If you don’t follow the law, then the judge can appoint someone who will. Fortunately, I can help you avoid these extra hearings and save you some trips back to Conroe by doing things right the first time. This saves the estate money and you from inconvenience.

Resident Agent For Service

The next thing you have to address when the Executor lives out of state is appointing an agent for service of process in Texas. The Texas Estates Code requires this. The Conroe Probate Court will not appoint someone who does not live in Texas as Executor until you complete this step. The purpose is to give the Texas court jurisdiction over lawsuits while you are not in Texas. The person you appoint as agent for service must be a Texas resident. I am available to serve as the resident agent for service of process as needed. This way you don’t have to worry about getting someone else involved if you don’t want to.